George and Karen Howe are avid University of Louisville fans who have a real passion for the environment and for helping members of the community in need.  Since March 1990, George and Karen have collected and recycled approximately 4.8 million aluminum cans, raising over $60,000 by selling their cans to River Metals Recycling.  Following their passion for helping others in the community, they have donated all recycling proceeds to charity

George and Karen Howe started the recycling donation program through the Highland United Methodist Church.  The Howes have donated half of all recycling proceeds to the church and have donated the balance to University of Louisville students through endowments and gift accounts. 

River Metals Recycling would like to recognize George and Karen for their extraordinary contributions to the community!   What a generous way to help Louisville stay clean and green through recycling, while donating their recycling proceeds to the community.

Pictured are George Howe (left) and Tim Denham (right), River Metals Recycling Louisville’s Commercial Coordinator.  The photo was taken on the University of Louisville campus, in front of the George J. Howe Red Barn, named after George in honor of his time and donations.

RMR Louisville, located at 2045 River Road, is a leader of scrap metal recycling and sustainability in the Louisville area.  RMR recycles everything from old cars to pop cans and is committed to helping preserve and protect the environment.