River Metals Recycling’s (RMR) Xenia, Ohio facility is celebrating 100 Years of Recycling! On June 13, from 11 am – 1 pm, RMR invites the community to visit our 840 Jasper Road recycling facility and help celebrate this significant milestone in scrap metal recycling. RMR is hosting a cookout and is offering giveaways commerating Xenia’s 100 years of recycling. Attendees include Brent Merriman – City Manager, and members of the Xenia Fire Department and Police Department.

River Metals Recycling purchased the assets and business of Xenia Iron & Metal in July 2007, but the Xenia yard traces its roots back to 1917. Over the years, RMR teammates have grown the company by executing strategies that have led to RMR’s success and reflect RMR’s core values: safety, excellence, integrity, and respect. These are RMR’s touchstones to excellence, and are the values that have made RMR an industry leader.

• At RMR, safety is a top priority. RMR’s comprehensive safety process includes ongoing training and procedures to ensure the safety of all teammates, customers, and suppliers.

RMR is actively engaged in community and philanthropic giving, perpetuating a tradition which has continued throughout the decades.

RMR celebrates its success in scrap recycling business, thanks in large part to the skill and dedication of all of the teammates, both past and present. RMR looks forward to the next 100 years.
RMR buys common household ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal items like appliances, gutters, sheet metal, automobiles, aluminum cans and other aluminum, copper and brass products and electronic scrap. RMR’s Xenia facility is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4 pm and on Saturdays from 8:00 am – noon. RMR is the largest full-service scrap metals recycler in Kentucky and in the greater Cincinnati area and is wholly owned by The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ). DJJ is a subsidiary of Nucor Corporation, the largest purchaser of ferrous scrap in North America.

For more information about River Metals Recycling and the scrap industry, visit our website at www.RMRecycling.com.