At River Metals Recycling, we strive to be good neighbors, good stewards of the environment and a great place to do business.

Our employees, customers, communities and environment deserve nothing less than our very best every day.

We take pride in our company commitment to the:

  • Culture of safety. A goal of zero accidents. Ever.
  • Culture of environmental awareness. Because scrap yards help save the Earth.
  • Culture of integrity. We follow strict standards for what materials we will accept.
  • Culture of giving back. Supporting the communities in which we work and live.

Neighborhood Outreach

We strive to be a good neighbor in the communities in which we do business. For example, all our facilities support local community fire departments, providing space and vehicles for firefighters training with “Jaws of Life”.

We work with fire and police departments, and have developed strong community partnerships with programs like:

  • The Healing Place – Louisville, KY
  • Lower Price Hill Neighborhood Enhancement Program
  • The Decatur County Community Foundation
  • The National Energy Education Development Program
  • The Green Triangle, Louisville’s District 9 Sustainability Initiative
  • Ohio River Sweep

The Healing Place – Cans for a Cause

Working with communities…and the people who protect them.

Of all the relationships we’ve built since 1998, we are most proud of our work with local law enforcement. All across the nation, our employees are teaming up with local police officers and elected officials to tackle the important issue of combating metal theft. For starters, we digitally record every single transaction in our facilities. Police use this information to identify suspects and help keep crime out of our communities. Serving those who serve and protect.

Safer for the planet. And your neighborhood.

We are deeply rooted in the communities where we do business and are respected for our integrity. Community residents and leaders know we have strict standards for what materials we’ll accept at our facilities. For example, we have the most comprehensive radiation detection system in the industry and have received awards for our performance in this field. We make it easy for customers to drop off ferrous or nonferrous scrap and get paid quickly and reliably. We also help communities maximize their tax base, while minimizing their local environmental footprint.

Real Recycling Facts60precent

  • 2 out of 3 pounds of steel made in the U.S. is manufactured using ferrous scrap
  • The United States annually recycles enough ferrous scrap (by weight) to build more than 600 Golden Gate Bridges
  • Recycling 1 ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds or iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone
  • The United States annually recycles enough copper to provide the copper content for 25,000 Statues of Liberty
  • If all aluminum scrap processed in the United States were used solely to produce standard soda cans, the lined-up cans would stretch 25 million miles – the distance from Earth to Venus
  • In 2012, the United States aluminum can recycling rate hit a 20-year high
  • Approximately 67% of the aluminum used in North America is from domestically recycled content
  • Of an estimated total 700 million tons of aluminum produced in the world since commercial manufacturing began in the 1880s, about 75% is still in productive use as secondary raw material
  • Scrap recycling reduces greenhouse gas emission by requiring significantly less energy to manufacture
    products from recyclables than directly from iron ore and by avoiding landfilling
  • Energy saved using recycled materials versus virgin materials is up to:
    • 92% for aluminum
    • 90% for copper
    • 56% for iron and steel

Environmental Commitment

Sure, there are tons of environmental benefits to recycling scrap metal. Over 70 million tons to be exact – the amount of scrap recycled in the USA every year. But we think the true measure of our own environmental commitment is how we go about recycling this precious metal in the first place. How we’re continually improving our electrical and mechanical efficiencies and developing better separation processes to extract every ounce of metal in the recycling process. And how we are reducing the volume of materials sent to landfills. Our goal is zero waste.

We are deeply rooted in the communities where we do business and are respected for our sustainability and our environmentally sound practices. All RMR recycling facilities are environmentally safe operations, fully complying with all EPA regulations. This assures all of our customers that their scrap will be handled in an environmentally safe manner.

A Commitment to Safety

With our overriding goal of zero accidents, we have comprehensive safety procedures in place at all our facilities. This includes ongoing training to ensure the safety of all employees, customers, suppliers and visitors.

River Metals Recycling works to create an environment to help eliminate industrial and environmental hazards for our employees and our customers. Our safety program is successful thanks to company-wide staff commitment and to its strong, continuing safety culture.

By taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach, we reduce accidents, and strive to prevent them all together. In fact, most of our facilities have gone multiple years with no injuries.

OSHA’s SHARP Designation

River Metals Recycling’s Newport, Kentucky recycling facility proudly received the prestigious SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) designation from the Kentucky Secretary of Labor in December, 2013, and was recertified in 2015. RMR Newport was the first recycling facility in Kentucky to earn SHARP status and the first to be recertified. The Newport facility was recognized for its commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. SHARP is one of the highest honor OSHA awards to businesses that demonstrate an exemplary commitment to workplace safety and health. RMR is proud to have four Kentucky facilities SHARP certified: Owensboro, Paducah, Newport and Somerset.

Governor’s Safety and Health Award

River Metals Recycling’s (RMR) Newport and Somerset Kentucky facilities each won the prestigious Governor’s Safety and Health Award for businesses with 1 – 250 employees in 2013. The premise behind the Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s award program is “…to promote safety and health awareness, good sound work practices and to recognize the resulting reduction in injuries and illnesses in the workplace…” The Governor’s Safety and Health Award provides special recognition for RMR Newport and Somerset’s outstanding safety and health performance and encourages development of programs designed to reduce and even eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses. The Governor’s Safety and Health Award is given to RMR and its employees, who together have achieved the minimum required number of hours worked without experiencing a lost-time injury or illness at the two establishments.

The Nucor President’s Safety Award

Our commitment to safety helped River Metals Recycling to earn the Nucor President’s Safety Award. This prestigious accolade is presented annually to Nucor affiliates with accident rates below 1/3 of the recycling industry average. River Metals Recycling employees are proud to have earned this award, yet the goal remains to be even better every year.

Taking Pride in Our Communities

At River Metals Recycling, we’ve built a reputation for integrity, reliability and honesty with our suppliers. And, as a good corporate citizen, we take seriously our responsibilities to preserve and protect the environment, provide a safe workplace and give back to the communities in which we do business. In fact, RMR Newport was honored to be named 2015 Newport Business of the Year. We are a role model in the scrap industry, recognized as a leader in safety and environmental stewardship. As such, we provide community awareness and student education, utilize state of the art technologies, provide a safe environment for employees and customers, and strive to be as “green” as possible.

Quality Focus

All River Metals Recycling facility have a strong commitment to quality, environment, health and safety.