River Metals Recycling Greensburg Hosts Batesville YMCA Summer Campers
On July 17, 2013 a group of Batesville YMCA summer campers visited River Metals Recycling’s (RMR) Greensburg, IN recycling facility. The YMCA students were celebrating “green week”, and what better way to celebrate than to learn about how scrap recycling helps to preserve and protect the environment?   The students were each given a hard hat, earplugs, a magnet, and a back pack, and they learned that recycling scrap metals helps to reduce the volume of materials landfilled.  They also learned that ferrous scrap metal sticks to a magnet (like iron, steel, or an automobile), while nonferrous scrap (like aluminum cans, copper, brass and wire) does not.During the nonferrous warehouse tour, the students saw a variety of household items RMR recycles including Christmas lights, an aluminum pot, tools, an extension cord, a door handle, and a sink faucet.While touring the ferrous recycling area, the students learned how RMR carefully extracts and recycles fluids from vehicles before they are crushed and shredded.  The students had a chance to see River Metal’s clean, fast and friendly recycling Greensburg facility.

The students enjoyed the tour and already have plans to return next year. The River Metals Recycling staff River Metals Recycling’s culture and philosophy revolves around being good neighbors in and giving back to the communities in which we do business.  Batesville YMCA tour is another example of RMR’s commitment to do the right thing and give back.  RMR would like to thank all those who participated in this successful event.