River Metals Recycling, LLC, a wholly owned venture of Cincinnati-based The David J. Joseph Company, announced the installation of its second Gamma-Tech Crossbelt Metal Analyzer. The  on-line bulk  analyzer qualitatively analyzes scrap  as  it  moves  on  a conveyer belt.

Pioneering this new technology, River Metals Recycling (RMR) installed the world’s first on-line bulk scrap analyzer at its Newport, Kentucky yard in late 2002. The second on-line bulk analyzer was recently installed at RMR’s Louisville yard, and a third is planned for installation at RMR’s Henderson, KY yard.  By the first quarter of 2005, 100% of RMR’s shredded scrap will be analyzed by a Gamma-Tech machine, resulting in a cleaner shredded grade with lower residuals.   Trademark Metals Recycling, RMR’s sister company, also plans to install an on-line bulk analyzer at one of its Florida locations in 2005.

The original bulk scrap analyzer concept was developed by Gamma-Tech and The David Joseph Company in the late 1990’s. Leading the movement to this new technology, the field testing of the first on-line analyzer began at DJJ’s Detroit yard in August, 1998, following The Joseph Company tradition of focusing on continuous improvements and innovative new processes to extract the maximum value from ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal.

Today, this state-of-the-art technology can accurately determine the chemistry of scrap grades, which reduces the variability in designing blends and scrap charges. This allows RMR to produce shredded scrap to a specific chemistry, assisting consumers in capturing maximum value from the scrap supply chain. RMR has successfully shipped .13 to .15 copper shredded into the marketplace since April 2003.

River Metals Recycling is Kentucky’s largest scrap processor, and operates yards in Newport, Louisville, and Henderson, Kentucky. RMR’s equipment includes three automobile shredders, one aluminum shredder, four balers, and three shears, in addition to the two bulk scrap analyzers.

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