From March 15 through April 1, 2013 River Metals Recycling (RMR) – Louisville sponsored a Legos for Leukemia and Aluminum Can drive to help support Aiden Johnson and his family,  and many other children at Kosair Children’s Hospital who are fighting cancer. Aiden is 8 years old and battling High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Aiden was first diagnosed in 2007, when he was only two years old. Although Aiden won the fight years ago, now the cancer has returned.

Aiden loves Legos, and, in fact, calls himself a Lego Master.  He frequently is building with Legos, since they help him pass his long days at the hospital and take his mind off of going through chemotherapy and other treatments.  Aiden and his family are in charge of the local chapter for Legos for Leukemia which started at Kosair Children’s Hospital, with the goal of providing Legos for other children in hopes that they, too, can take their mind off of their cancer for a while.  Legos for Leukemia started in 2009.  It is now at 27 hospitals nationwide.

River Metals Recycling encouraged customers to donate new boxes of Legos by paying an additional .05 pound for all non-ferrous scrap or an extra $10 net ton for ferrous material recycled. Aiden and his family will distribute the collected Legos to the children at Kosair Children’s Hospital.

River Metals Recycling also supported Legos for Leukemia by sponsoring a recycled aluminum can drive.  Marketing for the aluminum can drive was threefold:
• Through Aiden’s Facebook page,
• Local Louisville radio advertising, and
• Signage at River Metal’s 2045 River Road, Louisville recycling location

During the aluminum can drive, RMR donated $.25 per pound to Legos for Leukemia for aluminum cans from customers who mentioned “Aiden Johnson”.  RMR collected over 1,200 pounds of cans during this drive, resulting in a $300 donation.

River Metals Recycling’s culture and philosophy revolves around being good neighbors in and giving back to the communities in which we do business.  The Legos for Leukemia and Recycled Aluminum Can drive is another example of RMR’s commitment to do the right thing and give back.  RMR would like to thank all those who participated in this successful event.

Pictured below: Aiden’s mother, Gena Johnson, with the RMR Louisville Legos donation.  Also shown:   Marc Cisneros – Commercial Coordinator (L),  Neal Coulardot – General Manager (R).

Contact name:   Marc Cisneros
Title: Commercial Coordinator
Telephone: (502) 643-1282